About Us

Hi! I am Lexi Tucker, Owner of Love, Burlap. The history of Love, Burlap traces back to my wedding, February 11th, 2012. I was getting married at the church I grew up in; My home church was a wonderful place that made me feel warm inside, filled me with love, and reminded me of how great God truly is. It also was home to PURPLE carpet! This purple carpet was not good (is there such a thing as good purple carpet???!?!), it was so bad in fact that I decided I had to hide it. I have always adored the drama that aisle runner's provided, so I set out to find my dream aisle runner! Alas, I could not find one that I deemed fabulous and romantic enough; I set out to create a daunting 55' aisle runner to meet my expectations. This craft turned into the crown jewel of my wedding; afterward I received numerous requests to borrow it. I realized that if I couldn't find the runner of my dreams, there had to be other brides that shared in my pain. Thus Love, Burlap was born. I love making the aisle runners for each and every bride, it always brings a smile to my face when I think about a beautiful bride walking down the aisle on their own custom burlap aisle runner. I love my customers; they bring awesome ideas to the table and make me think outside of the box. I always welcome new ideas and different applications of burlap. Currently, we have expanded to create Home + Holiday items. It is such an exciting time in our company's life! We cannot express how thrilled we have been with the response from our customers. This coming year we cannot wait to share all of the new products we will be debuting for each holiday and season. Here is a tidbit about the inspiration for our name…enjoy! Love, Burlap is an idea inspired from the nostalgia of handwritten letters and the sweet nothings that are captured in them. Letters are often treasured and have the power to connect people, even when separated by distance and time. The art of writing is fading, but there are moments when that sweet romance is captured once again, a time when creativity and artistry culminate. Weddings, while molded by trends and culture, have remained true to their core purpose: uniting two people in love and in life. Happy Wedding Planning! Love, Burlap